A working mother works from home in her kitchen, talks to her young daughter. Child insurance is a great benefit for working parents.

Juno Child Insurance is a unique benefit for forward-thinking organizations.

Stand out by
standing by your values

For the first time, U.S. organizations have an opportunity to consciously invest in working parents by providing child insurance.
Be a leader in family benefits with a unique safety net for parents
Attract top talent and improve retention
Protect the careers of women throughout parenthood
Offer peace of mind to your employees who are parents or planning a family
Provide support services if your employees' children become severely ill, injured, or disabled

A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to jump ahead of the competition

Child insurance is popular in many parts of the world, but Juno is the first to offer it in the United States.

Although 72% of large U.S. employers cover the full cost of adult long-term disability insurance for their employees, there is no similar safety net for children.

You can be one of the first organizations in the U.S. to provide your people with this unique new financial safety net for working parents.

average total cash payout for a long-term condition

Family and childcare benefits matter more than ever

Today’s competitive market for top talent makes world-class family benefits more important than ever before. Recent events have also made us aware of the devastating impact of disease on families and loved ones and generated an increased appetite for support in uncertain times.

Support the values of your team

Employees are looking for organizations that support the things that matter to them, including family and work-life balance.

Invest in benefits that matter in a remote-work world

When employees are scattered, maintaining workplace culture is tougher than ever—and pizza Friday doesn’t cut it. Benefits should work wherever people put their desk.

Provide support in uncertain times

The pandemic has taught us how important our safety nets are, including the support offered by our employers. Juno gives you the ability to provide a financial backup plan for parents at the worst of times.

Help advance gender equity

Women are disproportionately impacted by childcare challenges, particularly if their child has a serious illness or disability. Juno can help relieve the pressure so that women can choose to stay in their careers.

of parents of children with a rare disease have no paid home care help
of employees look to their employers for solutions
less likely for a mother of a disabled child to become an executive

What people leaders are saying

Everett Young
COO, Secberus

“Anything I can do to make my employees less stressed, have less anxiety, and be more focused. As a small company we can't pay as much, so we need other benefits to make up for it. We have a lot of 30 to 40 year olds looking to start families, and anticipate recruiting more.”

Alex Boyd
Founder and CEO, Revenue Zen

“Rocky just came by my desk to chat about it. He was emphatic that this sort of insurance would be an incredibly powerful peace of mind.”

Kimberly Bell
EVP, Head of Health and Benefits, NFP

“I love this benefit!”

How Juno works

Family walking
Juno charges per child, so there is no charge for employees without children. The rate depends on several factors, primarily the ages of your employees and their children.
Mother and daughter
Getting Started
Juno is easy to implement, with just a one-page application and the same census you use for your major medical insurance—that’s it. Your employees do not need to enroll, and you can offer Juno at any time, regardless of when your other benefits renew.
Adults and children holding hands
Enrollment and Onboarding
The children of your employees are enrolled automatically—there’s no need to sign up. New babies are automatically added at birth, and adopted children are added at adoption. Stepchildren are automatically added upon their parents’ marriage. It’s that simple. We also provide you with internal communication and marketing resources to you to help educate your employees on this exciting new benefit!
Child smiling in crib
Juno covers severe conditions that have a substantial impact on a child’s life and that of their family. Even though pre-existing conditions are not covered, Juno does cover short-term hospitalizations and other lump-sum benefits (such as stroke or heart attack) for every covered child—up to $25,000—even if the child’s pre-existing condition led to that incident. An employee will also continue to get monthly benefits while they have an open claim, even if they leave your company.
Man and boy in wheelchair
Employees file claims directly with Juno, and we handle everything from there. All we need from you is confirmation that the employee did, indeed, work for you at the time of the claim. If the employee’s claim is approved, their cash benefit is paid directly to them, and if they qualify for family support services, our team works directly with them to get them the help they need.