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Helping a million children thrive.

At Juno, our mission is to ensure that families of children with a severe illness or disability have the resources they need to live healthy, productive, and fulfilling lives.

Our why

Nearly two million children in the U.S. have a serious disability or are critically ill, and each needs dedicated care—for some, a stay in the hospital for weeks or months; for others, a lifelong commitment to supporting even the most basic aspects of daily life.

For their parents, balancing work, family, and finances is challenging.  For many, the realities of a serious illness or disability are overwhelming: enormous stress, broken relationships, devastated finances, abandoned careers, and lost opportunities to provide early intervention that could have made a difference.

At Juno, we envision a world where every parent has the support and resources they need for their children to reach their full potential. Unfortunately, in the U.S., parents have been on their own or at the whims of inadequate state and federal programs—and in this country, simply having a child is still an enormous financial risk.

A mother and her newborn baby. Her child insurance starts at birth.A parent plays with their little girl with Down syndromeA parent holds their baby's hand

We can do better. This is why we created Juno.

Helping the broader community thrive

We donate a portion of every premium and half of our underwriting profits to charity.

We’re a Public Benefit Corporation, meaning that we have a mission to give back as well as grow sustainably. This guides us in everything we do, including our commitment to donate 2% of every premium, plus half of the additional revenue Juno receives if claims are lower than expected, to help children and families. We donate to organizations that research childhood disabilities and diseases, as well as those that directly help families caring for children that are ill or have a disability.

A mother cuddles her special-needs son. Child insurance helps parents with childcare needs.
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The story behind the name

Juno is named for the mother of the Roman gods, Juno (Hera in Greek mythology). She was known as the protector of marriage, families, and children.
Juno: the Story Behind the Name