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Child insurance: a world-class benefit that helps families if a child becomes seriously ill, injured or disabled.

We envision a world where every parent has the support and resources they need if the unexpected happens to their child.

Child insurance is available in many countries throughout the world. Juno is the first to bring this peace of mind to the United States.

of parents in Sweden have child insurance
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What Juno covers

Juno helps parents with cash payments and support services if a child develops a severe illness, disability, or injury.

Juno covers severe illness, disability, or injury in children, including cancer and genetic conditions such as Down syndrome and Rett syndrome, as well as severe cases of autism, cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy, injury (including birth injury) and the more than 6,000 rare diseases that affect children.

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What Juno provides

Juno is not health insurance. Instead, it provides up to $500,000 cash that can be used to:

  • Supplement parent's lost income
  • Pay for equipment, health, and education services
  • Help with additional costs of caring for a child

Cash benefits are paid monthly or as a lump sum directly to the employee, and monthly benefits continue regardless of whether the employee is still employed.

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Emotional & logistical help

In addition to financial assistance, our world-class support services help parents learn about their child’s condition, find the latest medical research, get a second opinion, connect with peer groups, and discover and qualify for local, state, and federal programs, and more.

How Juno works

A mother with two teenage children. Juno child insurance covers children until they are 25
All children aged 0-25 of eligible employees are covered, and new children are covered automatically at birth.
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Employers pay the full premium each month. Employees pay nothing.
A teenager with cancer and bald head embraced by her little sister. Child insurance can help support families battling cancer.
Claims are evaluated based on collaboration with leading pediatric disability experts. Pre-existing conditions are not covered.
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Cash benefits are paid directly to the employee, and for long-term benefits we provide ongoing support services.
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Continuation of Benefits
Monthly benefits for an open claim continue after an employee leaves the company, but coverage for new claims ends when employment ends.
of caregivers of a child with a rare disease worry about their ability to pay for care
of employees would choose additional benefits over a pay raise
of parents are prompted to change jobs by parenthood
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