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Juno Child Insurance is a ground-breaking benefit that provides employees with financial support and personalized guidance if a child becomes severely ill, injured, or disabled

Up to $500,000 in cash

Juno pays cash directly to families, so parents can focus on their #1 priority: caring for their child.

Flexible benefits

Cash benefits can be used to supplement income, hire help in the home, or anything else.

Exceptional support

Juno connects parents to experts to help navigate the world of their child’s disability or illness.

Coverage for all kids

Children of employees are covered from age 0 to 25.

How Juno helps families

It’s a parent’s worst fear: something serious happens to their kid. The last thing they need is to also worry that they’ll also struggle to support their family.

Juno is not health insurance. Instead, it provides cash that can be used to hire help in the home, take time off to support your family, or for anything else that is needed.

Juno covers severe injury, disability, or illness in children, including cancer and genetic conditions such as Down syndrome and Rett syndrome, as well as severe cases of autism, cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy, injury (including birth injury), and the more than 6,000 rare diseases that affect children.

How Juno empowers employers

Child insurance is an important part of your commitment to an empathetic work environment, one where parents are supported if their children have a health crisis.

Father pushing child in box

Attract talent

More than ever, workers are looking for benefits that provide security to their families, particularly in uncertain times of pandemic and inflation. The peace of mind of child insurance can be a differentiator for prospective employees.

A gay couple walking outside with their babies

Reduce turnover

Competition for talent is fierce, and your top employees get recruited every day. Providing top-of-the-line benefits and a comprehensive safety net for families is a great way to keep your best people.

A mother hugs her special needs child. Child insurance helps mothers.

Support women and families

Research shows that mothers of disabled children are 50% less likely to advance to management positions. Child insurance can help protect the careers of working mothers (and fathers).

A parent pushes their child in a wheelchair.

Demonstrate your values

Today, employees are looking for organizations that share their values. World-class family benefits show that you consciously embrace working parents.

Families of children with a serious illness or disability are often significantly impacted by the cost of caregiving—especially mothers.

of single parents of children with disabilities are mothers
more likely for a family with a child with a disability to have a parent who does not work
53 hours
average caregiving time per week required for a child with a rare disease
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Backed by the best

Our policies are backed by three of the world’s most trusted reinsurers, led by AIG.
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Helping a million children thrive.

Our mission is to build a stronger safety net for American families so that every child, despite serious illness or disability, has the resources they need to reach their full potential.

We donate a portion of every premium and half of our underwriting profits to charity.

We’re a Public Benefit Corporation, meaning that we have a mission to give back as well as grow sustainably. This guides us in everything we do, including our commitment to donate 2% of every premium, plus half of the additional revenue Juno receives if claims are lower than expected, to help children and families. We donate to organizations that research childhood disabilities and diseases, as well as those that directly help families caring for children that are ill or have a disability.

An alternative-looking mother holds up her baby. Child insurance supports working mothers.