Life-changing financial protection for working parents

A woman and a child are looking at a laptop.

Juno child disability insurance

A first-of-its-kind employee benefit that protects and supports working parents if their child develops a severe illness, injury, or disability

Coverage for all kids

Protects all children aged 0 - 26, including adopted, foster, and step children

Up to $500,000 in cash

Monthly cash payments for up to 10 years, up to a maximum of $500,000 per child

100% flexibility

Cash is paid directly to parents, who can choose to use it for whatever they need

Personalized support

One-on-one advocacy and guidance from an experienced and caring navigator

Why Juno?

A child's severe illness or disability is the largest uncovered financial risk parents face, often resulting in more than $1 million in out-of-pocket costs and lost wages.

U.S. employers offer many insurance benefits for parents, but nothing has been available to provide long-term protection when a child becomes severely ill or disabled.

The result? Parents must make difficult, life altering decisions and often abandon their careers. Companies are impacted too, in lost productivity, turnover, and uncertainty.

A working mother on a Zoom meeting with her child on her lap

A financial safety net for families

  • Enables peace of mind for parents and expecting parents
  • Provides up to $500,000 if a child develops a severe illness or disability
  • Offers support, flexibility, and a pathway to return to work
An HR leader discussing new employee benefits with her team

A new way for employers to lead

  • Fills the largest gap in financial protection for working parents
  • Promotes gender and health equity
  • Shows you care in the moments that matter

Addressing a real and growing risk for working parents

American adults currently have or aspire to have children
Rise in births to moms aged 35+, increasing the incidence of child disability
53 hours
Average time per week spent by parents caring for a child with a rare disease
Likelihood that the primary caregiver leaves the workforce or reduces hours—usually mom

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