Parents first.

As parents, our biggest fear is that something will happen to our kids—and we’ll struggle to continue our careers and financially support our families.

We created Juno to provide the safety net we wish we had for our own families.

Meet the team.

We are a team of parents and technology, disability, and insurance leaders who are dedicated to supporting working families touched by childhood illness or disability.

Cofounder & CEO

Jordan is an entrepreneur with an interest in making the world better for everyday people. He is the cofounder and former CEO of Stroll Health, a technology company that developed software to help patients access affordable in-network health care and exited to eviCore in 2017 (now a subsidiary of Cigna NYSE: CI). Jordan has led software product organizations and has designed, developed, and implemented software systems for some of the world's largest insurers, including United Healthcare and Kaiser. He is the proud father of his two young kids: Eli (2, who says “too brave” when he means “too scared”) and Eden (1, who just said her first sentence “I want more candy too”... clearly we’re good at this parenting thing).

Dr. Snaebjorn GunnsteinssonDr. Snaebjorn Gunnsteinsson
Dr. Snaebjorn Gunnsteinsson
Cofounder & Chief Insurance Officer

Snae is a former academic economist turned entrepreneur. While at Yale and the University of Maryland, he developed and directed large-scale research projects in the Philippines, Bangladesh, and India to understand how to improve health and reduce poverty. After his nephew was born 14 weeks early and as he was expecting his own first child, he realized how poor the safety net is for families when it comes to children and childbirth in the U.S. He could not shake the feeling that this needed to be fixed, and eventually moved to the SF Bay Area to build a solution. There he met Jordan, and Juno was born. He recently settled in the Charlotte area of North Carolina with his wife and two kids.

Hall KesmodelHall Kesmodel
Hall Kesmodel
Managing Director

Hall has spent 25 years helping to bring innovative insurance and employee benefits products to market. After starting his career selling a nascent product at the time called long-term care insurance (as well as executive benefits and life insurance) in 2003 Hall joined EY to lead employee benefits consulting engagements for Fortune 500 clients. In 2010, Hall left EY to build an industry-first financial wellness solution called HelloWallet. He then spent 7 years at Sequoia Benefits where he consulted for the firm’s largest clients, led the sales team, and worked on strategy and product development. While there, he also started advising health and financial technology startups including Collective Health, Spring Health, Carrot Fertility, Human Interest, Ethos, Northstar, and Level. This is how Hall met Jordan, and the rest is history! Hall has two teenage daughters plus (fun fact) ten uncles, aunts, and cousins who are all current or former school teachers.

Our Advisors

Juno wasn’t born without the help, and wisdom of a community of experts on insurance, benefits, and childhood illness and disability.

Dave Jones
Dave Jones
Insurance Commissioner of California, Emeritus

Dave Jones served two terms as California’s Insurance Commissioner from 2011 to 2019. As the head of the Department of Insurance, he was responsible for regulating the largest insurance market in the United States and the fifth largest in the world. He oversaw numerous challenges to the industry, including implementing federal health care reform and responding to the unprecedented destruction caused by the 2015, 2017, and 2018 California wildfires. Prior to serving as Insurance Commissioner, Jones served in the California State Assembly (2004-2010), the City Council of Sacramento (1999-2004), and as a public-sector attorney for nearly a decade. Juno is the only insurance company Dave currently advises.

Dr. Helene Dumas
Dr. Helene Dumas
Director, Medical-Rehabilitation Research Center at Franciscan Children’s Hospital

Helene Dumas, PT, DPT, MS is the Director of the Medical-Rehabilitation Research Center at Franciscan Children’s Hospital and an Adjunct Faculty/Part-Time Lecturer at the Department of Physical Therapy, Movement & Rehabilitation Sciences at Northeastern University. Dr. Dumas has worked as a physical therapist in clinical and administrative roles in programs providing services to infants, children, youth, and adults with disabilities in various settings, including early intervention, public and private schools, home health, and post-acute hospital care. Dr. Dumas’ research has focused on medical and rehabilitation outcomes of pediatric post-acute hospital care, with more than 90 peer-reviewed articles published.

Marty Reaume
Marty Reaume
Former Chief People Officer, Fitbit, Twilio, and Netsuite

Marty Reaume is a seasoned HR executive with nearly 25 years of progressive responsibility as a people leader, including as the former Chief People Officer of Fitbit, Twilio, and Netsuite. She is passionate about building high-performance teams and believes in the value of selecting, managing, retaining, and developing exceptional employees through solutions-oriented talent strategies and practices. Her background encompasses high growth, start-up environments as well as large, mature corporate environments in banking, insurance, brokerage, and technology. While Chief People Officer at NetSuite for over 9 years,  she managed the global human capital practice from start-up through IPO. She is a long-standing member of World at Work and the Human Resources Professional Association.

Dr. Alan Jette
Dr. Alan Jette
Director, Boston University Health & Disability Research Institute

Alan Jette, PT, MPH, PhD is the director of the Boston University Health & Disability Research Institute and Professor of Health Services at Boston University's School of Public Health. His research focuses on the evaluation of rehabilitation outcomes, functional measurement, and the prevention and treatment of disability. He served as Dean of Boston University’s Sargent College of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences, was Professor of Health Policy & Management at the Boston University School of Public Health, and was Professor of Rehabilitation Sciences at the MGH Institute of Health Professions. He is the author of over 300 scientific articles in the fields of rehabilitation, disability, and public health, and he has received many prestigious research grants and honors.