What Does Child Insurance Have to Do With Diversity, Equity and Inclusion?

What Does Child Insurance Have to Do With Diversity, Equity and Inclusion?

As a benefit that provides safety and support for working parents, child insurance is an important part of fostering an environment where parent caregivers are included, feel empowered, and have access to the support they need to thrive.

Child insurance protects parents from disadvantaged backgrounds

With child insurance, Juno provides peace of mind to all covered parents, and life-changing cash and support to affected families. Child insurance is most valuable to those who have limited savings and those who can expect the least help from their family or other support network. Employee parent caregivers from poorer backgrounds, those who have limited contact with family due to different opinions on politics, religion, sexual orientation or other matters, immigrants whose families are thousands of miles away, and many other disadvantaged and marginalized groups are enabled and empowered by child insurance.

Child insurance promotes gender equity

In the U.S., child care responsibilities and the accompanying management and planning are shouldered disproportionately by women. This imbalance is often magnified dramatically when a child has a serious disability or illness. For example, one study of mothers caring for long-term sick children found that nearly half had left their job to care for their child, whereas there is little evidence of a similar impact on fathers. Even in a country like Denmark, with extensive government support for families, mothers of children with disabilities are still half as likely to advance to top management positions than other mothers.

Juno Child Insurance is designed for maximum flexibility. By providing cash that does not depend on whether a parent works or not, Juno supports both parents’ careers by allowing the family to hire additional help, meet other expenses, or afford therapy– letting parents decide the best way to support their family.

Child insurance helps parents of children with disabilities be included

Finally, parents of disabled children may struggle to fully engage and participate at work. The extra cash and one-on-one support services we provide allow parents to be more engaged and included at work while they receive the support they need at home.

Child insurance supports a diverse, equitable and inclusive workplace

It takes a concerted effort to build a diverse, equitable and inclusive workplace, and child insurance is an important pillar of support for parent caregivers.

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Juno is the first company to bring child insurance to the United States. Juno provides up to $500,000 per child in cash plus support services to families of children with a severe disease or disability.